Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I am so blessed by all of you who have visited my blog. I have visited all of yours through Nina's but I am really enjoying this so much. I have much to learn, like how to draft a post without really posting. Yesterday I was working on a new post about Luke, my third youngest grandchild and I realized later that when I published and then converted back to draft, my blog went out to Nina and probably some others. It is not quite ready so apologies.

Thank you from all of you who have become followers. I can't figure out how to email some of you after a comment or place myself on your blog as a follower, so this is for all of you. THANKS AND BLOGGY HUGS.

I hope to have time soon to consult with my expert DAUGHTER-in law about some of the technicalities of operating a blog.

I will be visiting soon.


  1. There´s so much I want to do too but am trying to figure out. :)
    It´s been lovely having you visit and comment on my blog!
    have a wonderful day!

  2. Yes, I saw where you had a post about what you learned from Luke. I was disappointed when I saw you had retracted it for further work.

    Just hit "save draft" until you know for sure that your ready to publish. It's safer that way. Then go back into "Edit Posts' to continue working, careful to update the date and time before you publish.

    Sorry if I've overwhelmed you.....

    Go to your 'dashboard' and play around....

    On my blog, right above my followers, there's a white button that says "follow". click there, and follow the instructions to become a follower.

    Then later on, on your 'dashboard' you can see what new posts your followed blogs have posted. It's a quicker way to view all the blogs you enjoy reading.

  3. You´ll get the hang of it soon, you´ll see. And in no time, you won´t be able to stop! :)

  4. Welcome to the world of Blogger! I'm looking forward to reading your blog in the coming weeks! It looks great!

  5. I just wanted to tell you, I love your header picture of the light house!!!! Awesome!!!!!!